What our patients say.....


"I saw Dr. Kniaz after being referred by my primary physician. I had suffered for two years with what was diagnosed as fatty liver disease. Dr. Kniaz read my medical record, asked me questions and ordered a special test that no other physician had requested. One test and he diagnosed my gallbladder disease. He referred me to a surgeon and I have not had any pain. My son also saw him for gastrointestinal problems. Dr. Kniaz performed a procedure and found holes in his esophagus and disgnosed that he had GERD. With a change in diet, my son has rarely had the same problems, Dr. Kniaz is a wonderful physician and he takes his time with you, He will be performing my colonoscopy and I have total trust in him. "

 "I have been a patient of Dr Kniaz for approx. 10 yrs. He successfully treated my HepC and I have referred him to other friends and relatives for their internal problems. I trust him with my life and others have also. He is one of the most kind, observant, caring, and knowledgeable doctors in his field. I can not say enough good about the man."

"Dr Kumar and his staff are amazing! I was struggling with a few issues that are difficult to discuss but dr. Kumar and his staff made me feel instantly comfortable. I was scared of having the colonoscopy but it ended up being no big deal. Dr. Kumar and his staff have helped me get my life back on track." 

"After 5+ years of having digestive issues and having no answers from doctors, I finally came to Dr. Kumar. After my first appointment, we had a procedural plan, and within the following month I was finally diagnosed, prescribed medication, and feeling NORMAL again. I haven't felt normal in years, it is an amazing feeling. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone struggling with GI issues"

"After having two painful colonoscopies, I put it off for over 11 years. I also needed to have my first endoscopy. My husband highly recommended Dr. Kumar. The Doctor reassured me that I would not experience any discomfort during the procedures. He kept his word. The anesthesiologist gave me a drug that completely put me under. I felt nothing! Don't procrastinate like I did. These are important screenings. See Dr. Kumar. You'll be happy you did. He's really nice, and has a great bedside manner!" 

"I was so sick for over three months, went from one test to another. Finally saw Dr. Kumar and by the second visit I has my energy and life back. I felt ten years younger. I am so grateful to Dr. Kumar and his staff."

"I really didn't want to go for a colonoscopy, but I made a promise to get it done this year. I wish I had the chance how to tell you how Dr. Kumar made this the best experience possible. If you're of age, please get this test done. He genuinely has a concern for cancer and your health. Take a day to maybe save your life. "

"Is very concerned about your personnel health. Is very thorough and explains procedure completely before and after with results. Performed my colonoscopy and my wife's. Uses the latest equipment and never even knew it was done. "

"Dr. Kumar's diagnosis and the medicine prescribed truly changed my life. I feel 100% better, and am very confident in this doctor. The staff is so nice and caring. I had an issue with my insurance, and they were all very helpful in resolving my problem, including Dr. Kumar. I have never experienced that much interest, and resolve at any doctors office. Excellent experience. "

"All these reviews are right on point. Dr. Kumar is terrific. He connects to you in a very respectful way and is clearly a highly skilled professional. I was referred to him by a co-worker with similar reviews. I can't speak highly enough of him. "

"A wonderful doctor! Was so happy to find a personable and knowledgable gastroenterologist. Sensitive to any issues or problems. Meanwhile, he is up to date with the newest therapies. 

Really listens to patient's concerns & questions & takes the time to explain in a way you can understand. Very thorough and excellent rapport with his patients. Highly recommend! "

"Excellent physician. He always takes time to explain, in detail, what is the problem(s) and goes over all actions so you don't feel pressured to do anything. That is important. "

"I was referred to Dr Kumar by my regular doctor and he preformed my first colonoscopy on June of 2016. His reputation with the nurses and staff at the hospital is nothing short of remarkable. In the short time that I have gotten to know Dr Kumar, I have found him to be straight forward and caring. I would recommend him to anyone that needs his services. "

"I had issues for over 8 years that no one had answers for. I saw numerous doctors that could never give me a decent answer to my symptoms. Dr. Kumar was able to successfully diagnose me with an uncommon disorder within a few visits that none of my previous physicians or specialists had even mentioned. He's very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I cannot be more thankful for Dr. Kumar."