Nonsurgical Hemorrhoids Treatment

Patient Information

The HET™ bipolar system is a gentle, simple, and efficient1  non-surgical treatment method for symptomatic grades I and II internal hemorrhoids. Its design allows treatment of all hemorrhoids in one procedure. The treatment targets the area above the dentate line and its low treatment temperature minimizes collateral tissue damage. Hemorrhoid Energy Therapy, using the HET™ bipolar system can be completed quickly with minimal pain to the patient.

 The HET™ Bipolar System 


  • Consistent compression
  • Minimal pain to the patient3 


  • Non-surgical technique 
  • Quick case turnaround


  • Treatment of all hemorrhoids in one procedure 
  • Low treatment temperature minimizes collateral tissue damage

 We are committed to improving patient outcomes, providing better treatment options, and delivering better care. HET™ bipolar system makes economic sense. It adapts to standard bipolar generators, eliminating the need for an additional capital purchase 


Features & Benefits

Treatment Results


Below is a representation of results from one treatment session of several large internal, symptomatic grade I hemorrhoids.  


HET™ Bipolar System Treatment Of Grades I And II Hemorrhoids

 Get a first-hand procedural view into the treatment’s mechanism of action. 

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